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Bengal Tiger in Surf 2 Panoramic

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This stunning Tiger image is the culmination of many weeks spent traveling through out India in the hopes of encountering and photographing one or more of these magnificent animals. We had spent weeks along the Sundarbans, a cluster of low lying islands in the Bay of Bengal, spread across India and Bangladesh, famous for its unique mangrove forest and tigers. This delta region is among the largest in the world, measuring about 25,000 square miles. We had been living and sleeping in the land rover, hundreds of miles from nowhere, with all the comforts that no AC, no showers, torn and dirty backseats, roasted peanuts and canned fish could offer. Our home away from home, in an area that is the most mosquito and no see um, bug infested, mangrove forested swampland I have ever had the pleasure to encounter! But don't be fooled, Sundarbans in Indian means " beautiful woods", to whom I'm not quite sure, but what a trip and adventure we had! A trip of a lifetime you could say! By the time this photo was taken, we had observed and occasionally photographed this cat a half dozen times. On this morning, long into the trip, there was a tremendous thrashing and snarling in the underbrush and a few seconds later, out came a medium sized tiger, running towards us oblivious to our position, seemingly running for his life. He was being chased by this much larger tiger, and as they approached our land rover, they began to veer out along the edge of the Bay of Bengal instead of running right beside us. As they passed by, I shot off a whole roll of film and was rewarded with this wonderful image. I love the intense look in his eyes, paws out of water and tail straight out. This photo captured an awe inspiring moment! One that is sure to impress anyone when they see this image on your wall! On the shiny metal, he looks like he is going to jump right into your room! It looks AWESOME!
Custom Sizes
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