Mike Bacon Fine Art Photography

Materials & Framing

Mike's unique and vibrantly colored photographs can be cropped and printed in a variety of sizes from 11" x 14"s to 48" x 72"s for his standard 2/3 format, or as large as 48" x 96" for his panoramic or 1/2 formats as a single sheet If you would like to cover even larger areas with a single image, they can be created as larger multi panel prints that look incredibly visually stunning on the wall. You can also consider using multiple images to create your very own gallery!.

All Mike's images are printed on the highest quality Chromaluxe aluminum panels made, setting the standard for all professional photographers and artists alike.There is no better alternative and all others fail in comparison. Chromaluxe panels are proven to last over 65 years, and Mike's high def images will last a lifetime to enjoy as they brighten up your room and come to life on your wall.

Each image is printed using the absolute best industrial equipment and materials in the industry! The Epson's F Series of printers provide the sharpest details and widest range of colors in the dye sublimation industry! This dye sublimation process is the only way to produce High Def metal prints where each color glows and shines and you will see the difference in everyone of Mike's prints!

All Mike's photographs are water proof. They will not rust! They can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces, and are more scratch resistant than anything else in the industry.

Mike uses "Box Mounts" for hanging 20" x 30" images or smaller. It is made entirely of aluminum and floats your print 3/4" off the wall. It requires only a single nail for hanging and is the easiest and most practical way to hang your photographs. Comes free and is attached for your convenience.

For Photographs larger than 20" x 30", Mike uses the "Frame Mount" made of 1 inch thick solid aluminum tubes welded together. The frame mount sits your print 1"off the wall and insures your larger prints hang with a nice straight profile. They look stunning! All hardware and level included for easy hanging.

If you want to improve on the side appearance of your metal print, then the "Tuxedo Mount" is the best option. The tuxedo mount is a 1/4 inch thick black polystyrene backing that gives added weight and the impression of higher quality. It offers a better feel when handling and displaying as it offers added protection to the edges. It comes with a mounted black 3/4" frame for a truly clean black on black look. Please contact me for quote.

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