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I have been trying for many years to capture some really awesome photos of sea turtle hatch-lings making their way down the beach at sunrise as they begin their life's journey out at sea. I had been walking the beach daily this past Summer when all my cards came together! In early August I was incredibly lucky and fortunate in this endeavor, and I was finally rewarded with some images that far surpassed anything I had envisioned! This photo was taken the same morning that I took the photo I titled "Awakening". The sunrise on this morning was awesome, the hatch-ling sea turtle stragglers were still making their way to the water and even the turtle lady going down the beach on the ATV was stopping to take pictures with her cell Phone! The story and circumstances are basically the same. For a brief moment this hatch-ling paused directly in front of me, took its final rest, then disappeared in the receding wave. What an incredibly beautiful moment I had witnessed, and all taking place during one of the most spectacular sunrises I had seen all summer I couldn't have asked for anything more! The line of sea foam in the foreground gives this image a feeling of motion as the journey begins for this hatch-ling.
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