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On a recent outing with the family, casually enjoying a beautiful day on the water, we were lucky enough to come upon a large school of tarpon milling about on the surface. The water was crystal clear and quite shallow and we decided to get in with them and see if they would allow an encounter. The girls got in first and I followed along in the boat. I was amazed to see that the tarpon would allow them to swim within what appeared to be inches. After about 30 minutes the girls got back in the boat and it was my turn. I was giddy with excitement and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to swim and take pictures of these magnificent fish. I spent the next 30 or so minutes swimming with at least 80 incredibly stunning and beautiful fish and enjoying a truly wonderful encounter! One moment towards the end as I was swimming along the bottom watching them disappear off in the distance, 7 of the very biggest turned back towards me as if to take one last look. I lay still along the bottom as they approached. When they were about 3 feet away, the largest one in the lead turned sideways and I found myself looking into an eyeball about the size of a softball! At that split second the composition was perfect and I took one last shot and was rewarded with this image. What a magnificent fish and tremendous in size! I would estimate the weight to be close to 200lbs.What a wonderful way to end the day and an encounter I hope never to forget! I absolutely love this image!
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