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This incredible photo is the culmination of many years and countless hours spent in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico photographing the snow geese as they migrate south in the Fall. On this year tremendous rains flooded the nearby valleys where they had been growing grain and the moist conditions through out the Fall allowed the leaves to stay on the trees longer, giving them a chance to change to full colors. A rarity here! Over the next few weeks, the abundant food brought the snow geese in by the hundreds of thousands. On this morning, a storm over the mountains forced the geese to fly low along the valleys through the trees, instead of normally a mile overhead. I had been standing in awe watching as this non-stop, flowing river of honking birds passed overhead, when, without warning, a single ray of light peeked through the clouds, magically lighting only the geese and trees in the foreground and leaving the sky and background still dark. The impact of the stark white geese against the dark sky along with the brilliant warm colors of the trees in the foreground gives this image a "WOW" factor that would be impossible to repeat! Add to that the sound of hundreds of thousands of geese all honking at the same time, is a memory I hope to never forget. If you need a beautiful and stunning image on your wall that will stand out and make a statement, and impossible to stop admiring, than this is the image for you! I can almost promise you, your neighbors will be jealous they did not see and purchase it first!
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