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Photographing all species of marine mammals underwater in their natural habitat has to be the most thrilling and exhilarating thing I have ever done, even beating out swimming with the Great White sharks off Guadalupe Island at night without the cages! I love this photo of these friendly dolphin coming in for a visit, and to me it captures the true essence and beauty of a totally wild group of 5 female spotted dolphin initiating first contact and beginning what has turned out to be many years of some of the most memorable encounters I have ever experienced! I took this photo up on the "Ridge" of the northwestern Bahama banks, a shallow area of white sand in the very middle of no where. I have been swimming with these wild dolphin regularly since 1984 and the first time I got in the water with them, we were both somewhat cautious. Fast forward many years, and I can now recognize over a hundred individuals by their unique spot patterns, and they absolutely can recognize me. There have been times when I have gotten in the water with dozens of dolphins and have had many literally swim right into my arms and let me stroke them for a time. When you are having that much fun, what seems like only minutes, has lasted for hours. Fond memories, I will never forget! Every time I look at this photo on our wall, I cannot help but smile! You will feel the same too as these friendly, playful dolphin "smile" back at you.
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