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This crown jellyfish photo is one of my all time favorite underwater photos! I love the way it stands out against the deeper blue of the ocean, how the 'eyes" glow along the edge of the cap and the way the tips of the tentacles and central frill seem to radiate light from within. Needless to say, "It speaks to me" and to others as well! This is a medium sized jellyfish that I photographed at a depth of about 155 feet on the backside of a desolate sea mount hundreds of miles offshore in the Red Sea. A place where up welling currents were sweeping up from thousands of feet of water, up and over the top of the sea mount and sweeping these jellyfish past me. I could see them rising from hundreds of feet, up from the blackened depths below, glowing orbs of light like miniature flying saucers traversing thru the realm of inner-space and past my lens. To say I thought they were "out of this world" is an understatement! I know this photo will look awesome on your wall and capture the attention of all who enter. How do I know this you ask? Because it is on our wall too!
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