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I photographed this beautiful image of these three Percula Clownfish in Milne Bay near Alotau, Papua New Guinea. On this day we decided to do a little exploratory diving on a few of the offshore seamounts that were rarely visited by the local dive operations due to their remote locations. Am I glad that we did! On this one seamount in particular, almost every single Gigantic Anemone we found was an incredibly rich pink and purple color instead of the normal, greenish brown hue that we commonly found elsewhere. It was a wonderful discovery and by the end of the day, I had shot every roll of film I had brought along with me. I love the rich, deep pink and purple color of the very tips of the tentacles of this anemone along with the composition of the clownfish. The contrast of colors between the bright orange and white fish against the back drop of the flowing purple Anemone tentacles is visually stunning. Watching these three clowns swimming to and fro through the anemone and darting all around my camera lens was incredibly fun and visually entertaining. I loved every second of it!
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