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This beautiful image of an adult female Orangefin Anemonefish was photographed on the north side of Big Brothers Island in the Red Sea. Big Brothers Island is a desolate sea mount hundreds of miles offshore of Egypt where up welling currents sweep up from thousands of feet of water and over the top of this sea mount. These up welling currents bring up incredibly clear nutrient rich water and the whole top edge of the seamount is covered with immense, brilliant red, gigantic anemones. Add to this beauty, hundreds, if not thousands of Orangefin Anemonefish all swimming and dancing through the currents and swaying tentacles of the anemones. What a "WOW" factor to behold! In very short order, you will find yourself mesmerized by the array of vibrant colors and by the myriad schools of fish in every color of the rainbow, all swimming around you. If you learn to dive here, you have started with "desert" first and thoughts of going home will never enter your mind. I love absolutely everything about this image! The contrast of colors between the brilliant yellow tentacles and the vibrant reds of the pedal disc of this anemone is stunning and that single tentacle in the foreground adds an exclamation point the the composition. This photo looks spectacular on our wall and it will on yours too! If you are looking for a photo that is not only beautiful, but will stand out and make a statement, then this image of a "Lady in Red" is a great choice! I love it!
Custom Sizes
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